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Start of the Training Offer:
Various training offers are planned in the period from March 2018 to October 2018. The planned trainings will be adjusted according to the number of trainees interested, at least 20 people. Training activities may be modified on the basis of trainers' availability or other unforeseen reasons. The changes must be communicated in writing and in advance and should be presented optional dates to carry them out.


Online Training | Fridays and Saturdays.

Presential Training | from Monday to Friday, except holidays.

> Training of Management Systems Managers

> Training of Internal Auditors

> Training of Lead Auditor

> Transition training of Standards:

     > Transition from Standard 9001: 2008 to Standard 9001: 2015

     > Transition from Standard 14001: 2004 to Standard 14001: 2015

     > Transition from Standard 18001: 2007 to Standard 45001: 2018

> Training of quality management system tools | Family Standards 10 000

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