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NOTE: QEC (Quality Evaluation Center), as a Management Systems Certification Body, does not perform any kind of consulting process.

ISO 22000 defines the requirements for the implementation of food safety systems in an organization (operator). It encompasses the requirements of the management system, the Good Manufacturing Practices (prerequisite program) requirements and the requirements related to the implementation of HACCP systems.

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  • Plan, implement, operate, maintain, verify and update a Food Safety MG to provide safe products
  • Demonstrate compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements
  • Evaluate and appreciate the Client's requirements
  • Communicate food safety issues to suppliers, customers and stakeholders in the food chain;
  • Ensure that it acts in accordance with the Food Security policy
  • Certify the Food Safety Management system and thus demonstrate compliance with the standard with the most relevant stakeholders




  • Commitment to top management
  • Food Security Policy
  • System Planning
  • Definition of responsibilities
  • Document Control
  • Internal and external communication processes
  • Emergency Response Procedures
  • System Review
  • System Improvement
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