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Certification ISO 27001:2013
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NOTE: QEC (Quality Evaluation Center), as a Management Systems Certification Body, does not perform any kind of consulting process.

The ISO 27001 standard is the standard and the international reference for the management of Information Security, as ISO 9001 is the International benchmark for quality management certification.
The general rule is that a set of requirements, processes and controls are adopted by the organization to properly mitigate and manage the organization's risk.

Certain organizations require their suppliers or partners to have certifications, namely ISO 27001, as a guarantee of compliance with the principles established by it, thus providing its customers and partners with an extra level of comfort regarding Information Security. The organizations that adopt and certify in this standard, attach particular importance to the protection of information and demonstrate it through certification in it.

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1. Demonstrates a commitment by the Organization's Executives to information security.

2. It increases the reliability and security of information and systems in terms of confidentiality, availability and integrity.

3. Ensures more risk-oriented and more efficient investments, rather than trend-based investments only.

4. Increases the levels of sensitivity, participation and motivation of the Organization's employees in information security.

5. Identifies and continuously addresses the opportunity for improvement, and is a continuously improving process.

6. It increases the trust and satisfaction of customers and partners, providing greater potential for more business.

7. The implementation of the controls coming from the standard and the risk analysis, improves the operational performance of the organizations.

8. Provide the organization of a management control system, increasing the effectiveness of the organization.


The Interessed Parts of an entity certified through this standard, namely their customers, suppliers and partners, also gain benefits in interacting with the certified organization.


One of the major concerns of today is effectively reliance on the proper handling of sensitive information in your organization.


The implementation of the standard is evidenced through a high commitment to the protection of information, which represents a considerable level of comfort for organizations that interact with the certified entity.


Thus, customers, partners and suppliers of this entity know that the information of your organization will be treated according to high standards of management and protection in Information Security, since the certified company was audited by an external and suitable entity.





  • Commitment to top management
  • System Planning
  • Definition of responsibilities
  • Document Control
  • Internal and external communication processes
  • Emergency Response Procedures
  • System Review
  • System Improvement
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